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Indiana, Summer 2019

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

My husband and I were able to enjoy some time in Indiana last summer as he worked with one of the professors at IU. Being a life-long California girl whose head is and has really always been stuck somewhere in England, it felt dreamy to walk around a campus that just echoed Cambridge and classic English college campuses in general. And the TREES! And the GREEN! My Midwestern friends are somewhere laughing at me if they're reading this. Anyways, these are things that made my husband and I definitely sound silly and definitely outed us as Central/Southern California residents (where we are accustomed to varying shades of brown unless people are struggling greatly against the natural climate and are therefore inducing hefty water bills monthly). We didn't care though. One late morning after strolling up to the school of music where he was to deliver some tea to him, I took a very broadly zigzagging exploration across the whole campus on a sort of visual scavenger hunt. These are the results of that walk, I hope that you enjoy these views as I did.

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