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A Welcome Letter

Meet Anna Clark Photography | Nationwide Wedding and Editorial Photographer

There are a few different contexts which may have landed you here.

The most common will likely be that you recently found out about my work and are wanting to know a bit more or see a more of my photography. I am thrilled that you are here!

The second most common will be that you are a loved one in real life, and I will take this opportunity to say that your support means the world.

The third could be any number of random ways that we find ourselves on a blog post, but most likely that you are also a photographer seeking community. If this is you, I'm happy that somewhere in the internet, my journal has found its way to you.

I am Anna Clark. I have been a Wedding and Editorial photographer for eleven years (and counting). The first eight years of my career were based around Los Angeles, California where I was born and raised. The most recent years have been based near Indianapolis, Indiana. I've been proud to add transplant Hoosier to my descriptors while my husband works on his PhD at Indiana University. This place captured my heart from the first time I was able to visit it, and cultivating a work community in this region of the country has been one of the great joys of my life.

On this journal, I hope to cultivate a place of rest and inspiration for anyone that reads it. My heart in my photography work is to hold space for a sense of quiet awe. Whether you are a couple planning your wedding, a photographer looking for encouragement and assurance, or a friendly heart curious about these bits of my world, you are welcome here.

With love, always,


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